BOSCH high resolution and high definition monitors provide exceptional image quality and innovative features designed for professional video installations.



BOSCH series of high-performance video encoders and decoders are designed to meet the increased demand for hybrid analog/IP systems.



BOSCH comprehensive range of recording solutions cover small businesses with a single camera to enterprise networks operating several hundred cameras.



BOSCH keyboards enable display of video from any connected camera at the operator’s monitor and can scale to support upwards of 6,000 cameras.


IP Camera

BOSCH IP cameras use sophisticated sensors, lenses and processing circuitry to reproduce what your eye sees.



BOSCH lenses for professional installations.

Live viewing of multiple cameras Local recording and snapshots PTZ control and digital zoom Playback and export from storage Motion and forensic search.

Online Apps

Use Bosch video product Bosch has developed a series of apps and interactive tools that will help you find the best product for your security needs.

Easily calculate how far a camera can see and at what distance it can detect objects with built-in video analytics.

The storage calculator provides you with a quick overview of how much storage is required for your system.

The product selector helps you to easily select, compare and find the ideal products from Bosch to build your video surveillance solution.

KARATIS Vision & Mission

KARATIS is well organized and specialist to become the most experienced Iranian Company in security division. Our specialized teams are responsible to provide bellow services according to KARATIS Mission:


Consultant Technical Services

KARATIS’s technical leadership sets us apart from our competitors. Our goal is to provide the highest level of technical and engineering services and knowledge across the industries we serve. With qualified industry experts and engineers working in our company all over the globe, we deliver.


KARATIS’s E-business solutions allow you to receive real-time supply chain information. This improves efficiency, streamline purchasing and deliver cost savings, while meeting your company’s unique procurement needs.

Distribution & Sourcing Services

KARATIS is a leading global Distributor of Security Products and other related components. We help customers specify solutions and make informed purchasing decisions around technologies, applications and relevant standards.

Training Services

KARATIS Training Department offers a combination of hands-on practical exercises and classroom. Theory-based learning all tailored to your specific needs. Our courses are suitable for contractors, integrators, end users and consultants, with BICSI continuing education credits (CECs) earned upon completion of each course.

Financial Services

KARATIS’s Financial Services is specially designed according to IRAN’s Market Conditions. We provide tailored financing for our customers, with credit requests addressed within 1 week, so you can purchase with confidence. Our credit department strives to bring you creative financial solutions by considering your preferred leasing vendors.

After Sales services

KARATIS aims to give after sales services to its customers and partners professionally and cooperatively. We wish to set ourselves apart as reliable partners beyond sales. We make short processing times possible using clear, standardized processes.

Latest News

4K Ultra HD Technology

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